Monday, January 20, 2014

Vases of Flowers Quilt

Dear Diary

So sorry that I've been neglecting you. But every Friday afternoon I have been faithfully hand quilting my last two quilts.  It's been slow progress though.  But with the temperature hitting 45 degrees last week  I finally put together the last pieces of my Vases of Flowers quilt.  I had done the embroideries over 12 months ago -  I seem to do the embroideries and then can't decided how to put them together. They need to be integrated into the quilt, not just sit as contrasting boxes on a background. In this case the various florals have been chosen to tone with the flowers in each vase.

The background colour is not quite showing accurately.  I think I would call it an oyster green, if there is such a colour.  Just a very soft off-beat green. It is 50" square and is now on the pile for quilting.

But just remember dear diary that you were my first bloggy love and though I have less time to spend with you  and less things to report on these days because I am too busy doing other things I will still visit you as often as I can.


  1. So lovely to see some updates on what you have been creating. Your quilt looks wonderful and you have been very clever in putting it together.
    Well done.
    Hopefully soon we will see the results of all that quilting time.

  2. This is another beautiful top! It's so hard to get everything done, especially with such beautiful patterns and fabrics out there.

  3. Please bring it to Show and Tell.