Thursday, July 22, 2010

Online Scrabble

Are there degrees of addiction ?  I wouldn't like to say that I am addicted to online Scrabble but I must say that I do enjoy it and often neglect things I should be doing to sit and juggle letters into improbable words.  The magic words are  "Your Turn".  I couldn't possibly ignore such an instruction.  My Scrabble partner could be waiting anxiously somewhere in the world for me to respond.

The Online Scrabble which I play (via Facebook) is labelled "Worldwide excluding U.S. and Canada"  Interesting.   I wonder why.  A bit racist, isn't it ?   Could we call that a sanction ?  Actually I'm quite happy with UK, NZ and Aussie players but would like it if Canada was included in our group.  The different time zones makes the game active at different times of the day.  Breakfast and supper are my main times for a bit of interaction.

In a different but similar game you can choose to use either their English or American dictionary.  I don't know what dictionary Scrabble uses but sometime words which I consider normal are not included.   Two that come to mind are Aran - a style of knitting - and tute -  as short for tutorial.

Just heard the little beep which indicates that "Your Turn" is again showing, so bye-bye !