Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Break-Up

We enjoy meeting at Lorraine's house every Friday afternoon and today was our last meeting for the year.  So here is what we were doing.

Lorraine has finisned her Christmas wall hanging 

 and now is working on an orange and green piece.  She still has to decided if it is going to be a wall hanging or perhaps a table runner.

Mary has finished the celtic pattern on her supper cloth and is now hand quilting it in a small square grid pattern.

Noelene is hand quilting her delicately coloured Kaleidoscope quilt.

Pam has finished the top for a Dinosaur cot quilt,

and I am still doing surface stitchery on quilt blocks.

Naturally with all our hard work we needed to have a rest with a refreshing cuppa.

We all wish you a very happy festive season with plenty of enjoyable quilting in the New Year.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Having some rest and relaxation

I'm amazed to see that my last post was well over two months ago.  But after the concentration of doing two quilts at once I think I needed a bit of rest and relaxation from embroidery and quilting though  I didn't expect it to last this long.  But now I'm starting to feel the stirring of a renewed interest and am planning what my post-Christmas activities will be.  Not that I've been completely idle.   I've started working again on some embroideries of vases of flowers which I hope will end up in a quilt one day.