Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Falling Leaves

Other interests have been taking up my time but every now and again I get some patchwork and quilting done.  At least at our Friday afternoon meetings if I don't talk too much I catch up on a little hand quilting.  I did these six little leaf embroideries last year and last week I saw some soft cream and beige fabric that had a delicate pattern of flowers, leaves and birds in just the right colours to complement the leaves,with this result.

Sometimes in my imagination I call it Leaves Falling on Post and Rail Fences.

This leaf uses a dark burgundy thread and this colour is repeated in one of the "rails" though it appears to be more blue-purple in the first photo..

I am going to try something different for the backing, or at least different for me.  I have chosen a wide backing fabric self-patterned with scrolly stems and leaves . I am going to use this pattern as my hand-quilting lines and so am going to do the quilting from the back side.of the quilt for a nice all over curved stitching.  It is going to be an interesting experience !

1 comment:

  1. You have produced another gorgeous quilt!
    I'm assuming that these leaves are all done by hand like your other projects?