Saturday, April 25, 2015

Victorian Lady No 1

The First of my Victorian Ladies is now stitched
I am using split stitch, split from above.
The thread is dark brown  Madeira Silk Floss.
And Victorian Lady No 2 is printed ready to stitch.

I am delighted with the process of printing on fabric. 

Thinking of doing five ladies to include in a quilt.

I just love these clothes.  At least they are lovely to look at - I don't know how comfortable they would be to wear.


  1. what beautiful ladies! love the back ground fabric.
    haven't heard of split stitch before, must google that...
    enjoy your stitching.

  2. Thanks Marina. My stitching is a bit wobbly these days. I am more comfortable with split stich than with back stitch for trying to get a smooth line. Sorry about th previous post. I managed to delete it accidentally and when I reloaded it i had lost the comments.