Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shall I call it an Autumn Quilt ?

It's not really necessary to name every quilt but it does make it easier to attach a name otherwise I'll end up referring to this latest effort as that dark floral thingy with the bits of orange.

So I have still been  trying to clean up some UFOs and use up some of the fabric I have while resisting the temptation to buy more. But at times I get easily distracted and concentrate on other interests so I haven't blogged for a while.
I still have to add a cream border then a noisy border made from the scraps. The bottom right corner is quite square but has been lifted by a breeze in the photo.

Often quilts never look quite like you envisioned them.  Most times when  I look at this quilt top  I see the strong-coloured blocks, but the next time the cream colour dominates.  The first time this happened to me I was amazed that my first thought was for the 21st Century Garden at the entrance of the Geelong Botanic Gardens, a modern arrangement I couldn't bear to live with.  It includes some metal sculptures which  represent trees.  Can you see the resemblance ?
The next time I looked at it I started seeing a collection of Eureka Flags (from Australian history at Ballarat).  My imagination is working overtime on what is a rather ordinary quilt top.

Earlier this year I had nearly finished a Starry Farmers quilt.  This is now finished..I hand quilted the centre then I did some random squiggly quilting with the machine on the outer border.  it was the first time I had tried this.

Winter officially starts the day after tomorrow so it's likely that I'll spend more time on P and Q over the next few months.


  1. your latest quilt top looks great!
    the cream tones the fabrics down beautifully.
    looking forward to seeing your finished farmer's wife quilt.
    Have missed you posting, welcome back.

    1. Thanks for that. Time goes so quickly. I got a shock when I saw how long it was since I last blogged even though I'd kept reading about what others were doing. Hard to believe that winter officially starts in two days time.