Thursday, May 10, 2012

Slow Progress

Marion asked me why I haven't been writing on my blog.  But I don't seem to have been making much progress lately and  it hardly seemed worth writing about.  I have started on  quilting my Pretty in Purple but it's the same old story - I start off with thimbles and other quilting aids but it's not long before I discard them - I like to feel the needle with my fingers. Next thing the quilting has to be put aside while the holes made in my fingers by the needle get a chance to heal !  The front of the quilt is quite patterned so I have used an inexpensive lavender poplin for the backing which will show up the quilting . After all my efforts the seam down the middle is not quite straight !

Then there's the Dress Me Up embroideries.  Here is No 11- a very plain dress with a silver and pearl brooch.

And No 12 turned out to be very plain too. The little cape was supposed to be embroidered to look Christmassy but I decided I didn't want it that way.  So I wondered why couldn't I just applique little capes onto the embroidery to take away the plain look.  After all Marina appliques these wonderful butterflies onto her embroidery and they look fantastic. So I tried  lots of different fabrics .

A little fur cape would be appropriate for the fifties but I think I might make a mess of sewing it on.  And it wouldn't be really practical.  The belt hasn't been embroidered yet.

Another fabric I was given - the colours match the dress nicely  but it's a bit heavy looking and doesn't exactly look like the fifties.

So I suppose I'll go back to embroidery and perhaps fill in the cape with an embroidered pattern but what stitch would I use.  I am a copier and am not good at creating and at the moment my few creative juices are all dried up.

Of course I might just be prevaricating as when No 12 is finished I am going to have to decide how I am going to put them together into a quilt and I am not looking forward to that decision.

Then just recently there's been the matter of visitors.  I follow my hobbies in the living room, not in a room where I can shut the door on my muddle.  Here  I can pick something up and sew a few stitches while the vegies cook or while having a coffee or at any odd time of the day or night. And for my usual visitors I don't worry about my clutter.  BUT when you know out-of-towners are going to be welcomed in that front door several times in the next few days then everything, and I mean everything, gets shoved away in any old spot where it will fit.  Now I am going to have to try and find things again.

So sorry Marion, hopefully now I can again have a clear creative mind, sensitive healed fingers and my lovely clutter around me again and perhaps do  some craft work  worth writing about !

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