Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fifties Dress No 10 and Pretty in Purple

The time slips away so quickly but at last Fifites Dress No 10 for "Dress Me Up" is done.  Two more to do.
And for a bit of variety I started one which had been torn out of a magazine and was labelled Chris Jurd's "Pretty in Purple"

And here is my unfinished version.  I still have to buy the fabric for the final border - possibly I'll use the same floral fabric as the large scallops - and make a pile of those little purple circles to  fit in between the triangles.    I had promised myself that I'd never again attempt to needle-turn stems and leaves but really, these circles come in the same frustrating category !  I'm all thunbs when it comes to  needle-turning.


  1. Another beautiful dress. I think they get better with every new one. I'd have a hard time choosing a favorite.
    That quilt is going to be gorgeous! Love the colors.

  2. Hi Barb!
    I applique frequently. I make a cardboard circle the size of the finished piece. I use a lightweight fusible stiffner on the back of the fabric, and I cut the circle out about 3/8's of an inch extra from the edge of the fusible paper backing. I do a running stitch around the cut out piece, put the cardboard circle inside, and gather it all up! I finger press around the fabric and the cardboard edge! I take the cardboard template out and it is much easier to get the circle shape and sew it down with little stitches. For sewing, I do a reverse whip stitch, and insert the needle into the edge of the circle piece and then straight down into the backing!
    Good luck! Will be beautiful! Take care, Leslie

  3. Thanks, Leslie. The stiffener sounds like a good idea. Things evolved as I went along. I gathered them over a $1 coin and then gave them a good hot press. Had to let them cool down before I could get the coin out though ! But probably the stiffener would help define the curved edge as you gathered it up. Next time I must try that and also your stitching method. Thanks.