Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fifties Dress No 2

These fifties dresses for the  "Dress Me Up" quilt certainly are not quick to finish, but are fun to do.  I love the curve of the collar on this one, which is the second in the series.
I've just started No 3 dress and it  seems simpler to do with its sprigged pattern.
And there's  still been time to make a few more blocks for a Farmer's wife quilt. I'm now about half through for a lap size quilt.


  1. lots of details on those dresses, they are lovely.
    Your farmer's wife blocks look great.

  2. Oh my gosh! I honestly did a double-take with the Dress Me Up block! I was thinking, "how did you get my block?" :-)

    Then, of course, I realized you are making your own. duh. :-)

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Time-intensive but so worth it in the end.

    Looking forward to the other blocks as they get finished!

  3. If you look closely, Pirate, it's not quite the same as yours. Mine acquired cuffs due to a badly placed tracing line ! And of course it was seeing your blocks that got me started on mine. I'm still waiting to see yours all made up though ! :-)

    And thanks, Marina. It was your lovely embroideries that got me started following your blog.