Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Winning the April Giveawy from Want it, Need it, Quilt

My day was made today when I learnt that I had won the April Giveaway from the blog at  Want it, Need it, QuiltThanks to Jane  I am to receive 12 FQs of Gypsy from Westminster Fabrics.
As the fabric is called Gypsy, the competition was to  describe what we would like to do as a gypsy and where we would like to wander. My entry was very simple.  As it was April the only place I would want to go was London, in time for THE Wedding.

And what a beautiful wedding it was.  That amazing dress!  I'm still trying to work out why my initial reaction was to think of Guinevere.  Perhaps I'm influenced by some movie I might have seen depicting that era, or perhaps a book cover.  I loved the shape of the veil - no fullness - so simple. Another of my favourites was the white angora bolero Kate wore in the evening. It's many a long year since they were fashionable so it will be fun seeing angora knitwear become popular again. Of course if I had been in London I wouldn't have seen these details which were so clear on our television coverage. But I would have seen those magnificent horses and riders.  Where else but London would you see such a display with such a history.

Now I have to find a quilt pattern to use these wonderful Gypsy fabrics, something  which mixes shapes of varying sizes so as to display some of the larger fabric patterns.  Someone has already suggested a hexagon pattern.

 Aren't they just beautiful.   I am going to have such fun.

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  1. Congratulations. I am sure you will make something very beautiful from your winnings.