Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kansas Troubles Quilt Block or The Case of the Vanishing Points

I'll say it straight away.  There is no way I will be making a complete quilt  from this block pattern.  It is hard.  If I did make a quilt I would have to call it The Quilt of the Vanishing Points. Now that I've muddled my way through I have the feeling that my work would have been more accurate and done more speedily if I had hand-pieced it.  With hand-piecing there is more wiggle room. I also know that I feel more comfortable with a 3/16" seam allowance

This is my effort made up to the Kansas Troubles block pattern from Barbara Blackman's Civil War Blocks blog.

I wonder what she has in store for us this coming week.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's a beautiful block. But I can also see why you wouldn't want to make a huge pile. But you would also be proficient at half square triangles!