Monday, January 17, 2011

Embroidered Flower Quilt

Now that the Goldwork is finished it's time to get back to my embroidered flower quilt- six different flowers set in a diamond pattern,  Five of them are finished , the tulip still to do.

The Carnation

No matter how hard I try I always pull my stitches too tightly in this type of embroidery and usually I put some sort of fine backing on the material.  But this time I forgot and now I am paying for it !  Everything looks nice and smooth when it is in the hoop but once it comes out of the hoop there is plenty of puckering which doesn't seem to disappear with ironing.  Hopefully the quilting might disguise some of the puckering.

The Cornflower

The Double Rose

The Pansy

The Pink Rose


  1. Thanks you Mariasun, I like your embroidery too.

  2. I love your embroidery! It is so lovely! I am thinking of having a go at the carnation... fingers crossed it looks as pretty as yours when it is finished!
    For some reason, I cant figure out how to do that graduation of colour in embroidery. I have tended to stick with a one colour design because of that. Time to branch out!