Friday, August 20, 2010

Australian Election

Federal Election Day tomorrow.  I really despair for the human race.  These last few weeks leading up to the election has shown the character of  Australia and the Australian people at their worst.  Ugly, bigoted, lying. I fail to understand how a temporary prime minister can stand there and deliberately lie about the opposition and say it again and again and again when it is blatantly untrue.  And then it gets repeated again and again among my contemporaries regardless of any proof to the contrary.. It makes me weep.  They just treat us as though we don't have a brain in our body.

What we need is some ethnic cleansing in the Parliament.,  Get rid of the lot of them.  No-one who has stood for Parliament before would be allowed to stand again. I would love that.

I just hope that tomorrow's results give us a government that we can trust to spend our money wisely.  I hate to see a government throwing money around with no thought to the consequences.

Regardless of anything else, never trust a woman who dyes her hair.  She's trying to be something she isn't !!!!

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