Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Choice of Title

In days of old ladies would keep a journal; a place to write down their thoughts. There's no reason why I shouldn't keep a journal but I thought I would try a blog instead. Just a place to occasionally write down my thoughts.

So my thoughts today have been on choosing appropriate names. I'm rather a private person and didn't fancy flashing my own name around so what should I choose as a nom-de-plume ? I enjoy my own company and spend much of my time on my own but most words such as solitary and all its variations sounded too harsh. So I turned to my schoolgirl French and came up with diamant, a diamond, a solitaire, a solitary.

Of course there's Twitter for communication if you have something momentous to report. Facebook is useful for sharing day to day trifles with a group of friends and in some ways is taking the place of e-mails. Family and friends have their own special areas of interest. And now a blog.

What are some of the things I think about ? Reading is high on the list, Australian news and politics, TV shows, why my house is never tidy, embroidery, why the pothole in the shopping centre carpark hasn't been fixed, etc.

And so I launch this into the ether. Perhaps I will find some other blogs of people with similar interests. I might even find out why so many of the retirees of my acquaintance won't join Facebook !

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