Sunday, March 27, 2011

This week's bouquet of Hexies

This week's hexies were all made from the one piece of fabric, which had a rather overpowering pattern. So these hexie flowers are definitely not your modest little daisies
I'm glad I don't have any more scraps of this material.

This week I was reminiscing about the pen-pals we had in our youth, before the days of the internet and e-mails, and one of my hexie-swap bloggers came up with the term "fabric pen-pal" which I think is quite brilliant for describing the interaction between swappers of hexies or blocks.

I'll have to have a rest from hexies for a few days as I have a hole in the end of the middle finger of my right hand from pushing the needle through ! I don't get on very well with thimbles.  But when I start again it will be with some softer colours to balance out these bright hexies.


  1. Love your hexies! I had the same problem with my middle finger so recently I forced myself to learn to use a metal thimble. It was awkward at first but it does make a big difference. A friend of mine swears by stick-on thimble tabs but I've never tried them.

  2. I also poke my finger too often to count. I can't feel all the layers of fabric with a thimble. So when it comes to the heavy stuff and I have to use a thimble or bleed to death, I do use little sticker pads. I believe they are called "thimble-it".
    Give you finger a rest, and use some lotion ( or bag balm, in the green tin) on it to sooth the pain.

  3. Your hexies look great cut from the same, large patterned fabric.

  4. lovely hexie flowers. I can sympathise with your finger issues. You can always bet that the needle head will hit that sore spot every time!

  5. I love those hexi's they are great. I have the same problem with my fingers and sometimes use the rubber paper turners(don't know if they are called thimbles) because I can't use a metal one. I've also tried a plastic one from the thimble lady but I lost it!!!!
    I'd love to have a fabric penpal especially for hexis! want to finish that hexi flower quilt this centry!!!
    Cheers Geniene