Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Hexagon Gift Bag

As a rest from making flowers for a hexie garden I used a friend's instructions to make a small hexagon gift bag.

And no, the stone in the garden is not a tombstone, which is how some friends describe it, but one of three stones which I call my miniature Stonehenge !

I was a bit disappointed as the casing for the cord is a bit bulky so you can't completely close the top,

The bag is lined so is nice for storing some jewelry, or embroidery threads - dozens of uses.
The little bag starts with a hexie flower - a centre and 6 petals.
Second row (pink)  - 6 five-sided petals
Third row (alternating plain pale blue and dark flower) -6 hexies again.
Final row (dark blue) - 6 four-sided pieces (half hexagons).

All the petals had 1" sides.
Completed with a bias-cut casing and threaded with a cord.

It's amazing how the camera never tells a lie. I didn't even spot the sloppy stitching until I looked at the images.  Obviously watching too much television while stitching this.

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  1. A great use for hexies. I love that little bag, I think this is a great idea for gifts. Take care...