Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fifties Dress No 3

No 3 dress for Dress Me Up wasn't quite as time consuming as the first two.  I think it's really sweet.
But if you look carefully half way up the left hand side you can see  that a small pleat has formed in the fabric - as I started to iron it the backing shifted - an iron-on adhesive kind of gauze which re-inforces the front fabric and  helps prevent puckering.  The more I tried to get the pleat out the worse I made it, so now I need to do some thinking !.

Not being a good week, actually.  This morning I made another block for the Farmer's wife quilt and went to give it a press before trimming the edges,  Only then did I notice  that one of the fabrics was sewn in with its wrong side facing.  It's so noticeable - how could I not notice it when I was sewing. Now for some retrograde stitching - the polite way of saying unpicking.
But one person who does things right is Pam from the Friday Group who has finished her lovely log cabin quilt.  I really like this one, particularly the sprays of flowers at the centre of each log cabin.
But it's raining.  And I'd love to go out for a latte !  Why can't we have a coffee truck which trawls the streets with some approriate bells or music blaring so that I could just rush out and get my desire !


  1. That coffee truck that delivers could be a great franchise idea!
    Shame about having to unpick, it is a lovely block.
    Your stitchery looks lovely too. Are you contemplating redoing the block?

  2. No, I don't usually repeat blocks. I'm hoping that once it is trimmed and the excess fabric removed it may be possible to ease out the pleat.

  3. I hate unpicking or frogging! It's a beautiful block, but I understand! Love the purple log cabin!!