Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whinge, Whinge, Whinge

This is turning out to be a lovely place to have a whinge.  I'll be able to look back later on and perhaps laugh at the silly things that concerned me.

The last couple of weeks haven't been my best.  First I put my mobile phone through the washing machine.  New phone needed. On the bright side I was able to shift to a different carrier and get out of Telstra's clutches.  Then the refrigerator turned up it's toes and died.  So I am back to fridge-less basics until the new one arrives.  Naturally it had to happen at the beginning of a long weekend.

And all around the world.  The troubles caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland.  As the time went on it made you think about free trade and how dependent we have become on goods from other countries,  and of all the skills lost from Australia.  If that volcano in Indonesia were to blow and send out clouds of ash could we  get cut off from the rest of the world ?  We don't know what's ahead.  Has the Government ever considered how we would cope if we were suddenly isolated.  I'd like a bit more modification to this free trade idea.

Governments from both sides of the fence usually have some redeeming features but with the Rudd Government I can find no redeeming features at all.

Insulating Ceilings - absolute disaster
More Child Care places -  Do they know what the word promise means ?
Global Warming -  They don't have a clue.  Let's just shuffle some money around. Now they announce they're doing nothing till 2012 !
Health and Hospitals - Bully boy's at it again
School Buildings - I wonder how many schools are actually satisfied with what was forced on them or had other preferences.
Quality Control - Let's toss the money into the air and see where it falls.  It doesn't matter if the Government is being rorted right and left, just see what a big, generous man I am
The list just goes on and on.

Something good has to happen.  Perhaps the podiatrist this week will make me feel like I'm walking on air !  Hope so !

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